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arrowThings to Consider When Choosing Glass Windows and Doors for Your Storefront

The windows and doors on your Hunterdon county storefront serve two purposes. They give potential customers the first impression of your store as they approach, and they also set the interior mood.

You have several choices when it comes to picking the style of storefront you want. For example, if you choose a glass storefront where the doors and windows merge, then your main decision will be the type of glass you'll use. Here are some thing to consider.

Degree of Privacy

Decide if you want people walking by to see inside your store. If the storefront showcases your products, then you probably want clear glass so your inventory can be seen from the street. However, if your offices are in the front of the store, you may still want a glass entrance as long as you can have some privacy. You can achieve privacy while letting in plenty of light if you go with frosted glass or glass with tinted film applied.

Design Style

If it's important to convey an artistic or upscale atmosphere, you may want to choose decorative glass for your storefront. Stained glass is a good choice because it can be made in several colors and patterns. It allows light to shine through, but it offers some privacy too. A stained glass storefront could be a good choice if you sell upscale or unique goods because it sets a high-end and artsy tone for your store. You can achieve a more serious look with frosted glass etched with various designs. This might be a good choice if you sell expensive jewelry and want to portray a professional ambience while offering your clients some privacy.

Crime Deterrent

One risk of having a wall of glass for your store entrance is the risk of an intruder breaking through the glass. It doesn't do much good to have a secure door look and alarm system if all an intruder has to do is break out a window or door panel. One solution is to cover the storefront with a metal gate during off hours. Another solution is to buy windows and doors with tempered glass or security glass. Tempered glass is the type of glass used in car windshields. It is made so it crumbles and holds together when broken rather than splintering into flying shards. This type of glass is especially useful if you live in an area that experiences frequent storms with strong winds. You can also make the glass stronger by applying security film. The strong film makes it nearly impossible for a criminal to bust through with a bat or other blunt object. Also, you can have film applied to the exterior side of the windows to protect the glass from graffiti. If someone throws paint on your storefront, you can have the contractor remove the exterior film and replace it with new film, which is much easier than scraping off dried paint.

Once you've decided on the best type of glass for your building, you can move on to other decisions such as the type of frames and the arrangement of the windows. Whether your building is small or large, its exterior appearance is very important when you want to pull in customers from the street. Therefore picking out the best windows and doors on your storefront is an important decision so you end up with a style that impresses your customers while protecting your store and inventory.

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