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Modern bathrooms are all about openness, fluidity, and flow. Their open designs attempt to bring together such disparate elements as decorative tile, contemporary bath fixtures and sprawling vanities. Traditional shower doors, with their hard lines and glaring frames, tend to work against that aesthetic by creating closed, defined spaces. Investing in a frameless glass shower door, on the other hand, helps to create a more open, seamless, and contemporary space.

What is a Frameless Glass Shower Door?
A frameless glass shower door is a shower door made completely of glass. Since they don’t need frames to support their weight or slide on, these doors almost universally operate by swinging open and shut on hinges. They are usually installed as part of a larger, frameless glass shower, and it’s the lack of frames throughout that draw so many homeowners to this innovative shower design.

A Frameless Glass Shower Door is Almost Invisible
Perhaps the greatest selling point of these doors isn’t their appearance, but their lack of one. In the never-ending battle to make bathrooms feel larger and more open, a shower door that is hardly noticeable at all makes a huge difference. Instead of a door that walls off a significant portion of your bathroom, a frameless shower door helps to incorporate your shower space into the greater bathroom area.

Decorative Tile and Your Frameless Glass Shower Door
Not only does the addition of frameless glass in your bathroom help it to feel more open and spacious, frameless showers also put your shower and bathroom tile design on display. That might sound a bit trivial, but when you consider the beauty of today’s stone, ceramic, glass and pebble tiles, you can see why putting your tile on display can be a huge selling point with these innovative shower door designs.

Is a Frameless Glass Shower Door Safe?
A question that many homeowners ask when they start looking into frameless shower doors is whether the glass is safe if the edges aren’t hidden by a protective frame barrier. The answer is a definitive yes. Frameless glass edges are filed down to a smooth surface that presents no danger to anyone climbing in or out of your shower. And since glass showers are made of tempered glass they are also very difficult doors to shatter or break.

Talk to a Specialist about Installing a Frameless Shower Door
Anyone with the construction know-how to install bathroom fixtures and lay tile has the skills to install a frameless style shower door. Make sure you’re honest with yourself about your abilities before you tackle this job, however. Remember, your shower door is a primary barrier preventing shower and tub moisture from reaching the rest of your bathroom. A poorly installed door can lead to shower leakage and, in turn, cause a slew of moisture related problems such as water damage, rot, and the development of mold and mildew. With these kinds of risks at stake, it’s always a wise decision to hire out the installation of a frameless glass door to someone who knows what they’re doing.

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